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The Most Dangerous Phrase in Your Business

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Grace Hopper an American computer scientist and United States Navy Admiral once said, "The most dangerous phrase in language is 'We've always done it this way'."

Bedhead Marketing has admittedly made people shift in their seats and get a little uncomfortable with some of the ideas we've presented. While highly advanced marketing companies storm the bedding category with the latest technologies and grab unprecedented market share, traditional retail is slower to adopt these practices.

It stands to reason, emerging mattress brands tend to be limited on resources while established retail executives are risk adverse as their careers are on the line. The incentive for a small company is much greater as compared to the danger of signing-off on something new if you manage a large retail operation.

Emerging company brand development modus operandi:

• Be Creative

• Try New Things (Experiment)

• Be Different

• Be Bold

• Be Brave

• Failing is part of the process

Established retail brand development modus operandi:

• Be safe & mitigate risk

• Use proven methods & technology

• "Not invented here"

• "Ready? Aim, aim, aim, aim, fire!"

• Failure is not an option

"Good is the enemy of Great."

- Jim Collins

After 9 years as a partner in a high-tech security product company, I've seen first hand how the adoption of technology tends to reveal itself. Below is a Rogers Curve, but also popularized by Simon Sinek as the Law of Diffusion of Innovation. The risk profile decreases as you move further down the line. Watch video here

Here's some of the things Bedhead Marketing has done "differently" in the last 2 months:

• Opened the first marketing agency dedicated to the bedding industry by bedding experts

• Created the first Interactive, exploding, photorealistic, spinning digibun

• Created the first Interactive, spinning, adjustable base silhouette

• Launched v-commerce for bedding for an immersive shopping experience

• Partnered with retailers, product-makers, manufacturers and textile companies

• Developed the first image asset protection using NFT & Blockchain

How are you doing things "differently"? Leave them in the comments?

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