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A Digibun comes from two words (Digital - Bun) as in the cross section of a mattress display. A Digibun can provide an easy way for the consumer to understand the value of the components of the mattress an a visual way.  It is photo realistic so the consumer can see how the materials look and feel. This allows for accurate trust from the consumer.

Bedhead Marketing has produced thousands of high-quality component shots (Digibuns) in various stylings, each having their own benefit. For example, a zoning story may require more of the coil system to be shown, so a ¾ cut might not suffice.

Accuracy is key for the Digibun, however Bedhead Marketing also understands that not every element of the raw spec sheet needs to be illustrated in the component shot. We help you determine the best visualization for the components to tell an accurate, meaningful story that best represents the bed construction.


Preview some of our recent examples here.