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What do Tortilla Chips have to do with the Mattress Industry?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

There's an anecdote that one day a Mexican restaurant was struggling to get customers to come in so they started offering free chips and salsa as an appetizer. Once word got out, their business exploded! Other local restaurants, now losing customers, also began to offer free chips and salsa and today it's considered a de facto requirement for owning a Mexican Restaurant. Being in Texas, I can speak personally that we often choose where we go based on who has the best chips and salsa.

We all know about the fight for door swings in the Mattress space, and as a result we've seen a rising tide of these door-busters. We've seen the $39 mattress promo, Free Box Spring, Free Delivery, Tax Free, Free Sheets, King for a Queen...the list goes on and on. And once one company proves concept, the rest of the world follows suit.

Notably, we've seen the Free Adjustable Base promo which may be the most interesting because a) It's a product that can play a key role in a great night's sleep and b) It's an item that many commonly believe is out of their price range.

We live in a world where adjustable bases can be manufactured at a price point to be offered as a promo item, assuming your organization has the buying power to play this game. It's a compelling incentive. The goal of these organizations is to create a compelling offer, upsell to higher margin products and attach a higher quality/more feature rich adjustable base in the meantime (which comes with its own set of unique challenges).

But soon enough, this offer will be just like Tortilla Chips at a Mexican Restaurant. It's not an advantage, it's a prerequisite for being in the space. So what's the next compelling offer?

Companies are offering 365 night trials on beds. Is that going to be normalized industry wide at some point? What do you think will be the next compelling door-buster that 20 years ago you couldn't have imagined being offered?

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