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Bedhead Team to Record Inside Track in Vegas

Brandon Bain (Founder/CEO) and Stephen Ferguson (Founder/President) of Bedhead Marketing have been selected to record an episode of Therapedic's "Inside Track", a series of practical training videos for mattress retailers.

Host and Therapedic International President/CEO, Gerry Borreggine, explores topics from merchandising to marketing & sales with the help of an occasional guest host.

Bedhead Marketing, a digital design and marketing agency exclusive to the bedding industry, was founded under the belief that the mattress industry deserves a better reputation, and with decades of category experience, believes it can make an impact in that effort by providing beautiful imagery, clear messaging and innovating how buyers learn about products.

What Will Bedhead Talk About? Your Inside Track

The two primary objectives for Bedhead Marketing's contribution to the popular video series: "How to Swing the Door more often", and "How to Close the Deal more efficiently".

Brandon offers a glimpse into his award-winning ideas:

"Everyone has a website, everyone has the best products, pricing, and services. So what? These are not unique value propositions, they are prerequisites for being in the game. It's up to you to provide something to the customer that's both different, but also adds enough value to disrupt the shopper's default behavioral patterns."

Brandon submitted an idea to Therapedic that he admits he "borrowed" from another industry...the Real Estate Market.

"When I was 18, right after my internship with Mattress Firm, I got my Real Estate license and used it throughout college to financially support my education. I had no idea that I'd be re-purposing ideas like "Virtual Tours" in the bedding space over 25 years later. But this new idea is a little less obvious which is what gets me excited."

Having broken sales records, trained over 40,000 RSAs, responsible for product activation and oversight of over $500 million dollars in yearly product purchases at Mattress Firm, Stephen Ferguson brings his decades long experience to Inside Track.

"I got greater joy in my time helping train eventual million-dollar writers than winning any sales award over my career. Sales is a learned skill, not genetically inherited, and with the right training anyone can become a top performer. I'm a living example of that!"

Stephen's role at Bedhead is wide-ranging from strategy and advertising creatives to execution of assets, design and videography and much more. Having owned an operated multiple bedding franchises, overseeing the expansion of a large regional bedding retailer and been integral in creating 2 of the industry's largest promotions ("Free adjustable base", "Bedding Bundle Program"), his unique perspective helps Bedhead Marketing's clients create marketing with purpose.

"If your strategy is built in a silo and not properly executed all the way down the chain from merchandising, to marketing, to's doomed to fail. You have to be thoughtful of how each department is affected with every promotion...but most importantly how the customer will receive it."

Stay tuned for Stephen and Brandon's spot on Inside Track, slated to be shot late January 2023 at Therapedic International's showroom in World Market, Las Vegas.

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