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Are Product Photos Killing Your Bedding Business?

If you're a mattress company, you know that high resolution images of your products are essential toward a successful launch. For decades, the industry has relied on photo shoots without any viable options.

Photo Shoots Take Time

The process of getting a photo shoot is so convoluted that it has driven retailers to start setting-up their own room scenes at the expense of their precious retail space. And we don't blame them, it's not only lengthy, but often frustrating! Stop me if this conversation sounds familiar:

• I've shipped you the mattresses (bye, bye beds...hello transportation cost haha)

• I know we only have 2 rooms to choose, any way to make it look "high end"?

• The beds didn't all make it in perfect condition?...Can you fix that in post?

• Why is it taking 6 weeks? Can we get an update?

• These images are wrong, we need to re-shoot! Can you center the beds in the room. It's messing with my OCD!

• It's going to cost how much more!?!

• Any updates on the re-shoot?

• The image feels flat, is it possible to add a ray of light coming in from the window & add contrast?

• Any updates on those image edits?

• Never mind, we'll just take it as is, we're already late.

• Hi Retailer, here's your room settings....what do you mean you can't use them?

The cost of a Professional Bedding Shoot

However, there's a big problem with these shoots: they're causing mattress companies to lose money. That's because the average cost of staging a bedding photo shoot is between $7,000 and $100,000. These costs can be:

• Shipping

• The cost of the mattresses (typically the photographer keeps them)

• The cost of the photo shoot

• The cost of photo editing

• The cost of time

• The cost of the design being imperfect (loss of sales)

This doesn't include the cost of re-shoots if something is incorrect or the limitations of scene stylings!

Furthermore, Bedding Retailers and manufacturers don't even receive all of the assets they need! Consumers are looking for more dynamic, interactive elements like:


✓ Hover-overs (interactive hotspots)

✓ Digibuns and component shots (showing the inside of the mattress)

✓ Spins showing the product in 360°

✓ Animated 3D Videos

✓ Customizable Room settings & unique scenes

✓ Virtualization & immersive experiences

For example, below is an interactive room setting. A shopper can experience a product in a unique and engaging way.

We are also seeing more request for creating education directly into the graphic like this interactive digibun below that calls out the features and benefits of the mattress layers like the interactive mattress spin below.

By utilizing a company that can provide high quality, photorealistic and interactive imagery, your organization can activate products faster at a higher conversion rate for a much lower cost.

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