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2023 Vegas Summer Market Review

The Bedhead Team has recovered from Vegas Summer Market and shares their thoughts on what's new and interesting.

2:41 Moto Motion

4:03 Kingsdown

5:51 Carpenter

6:45 HS2

8:22 Delandis

10:24 Hollywood

13:41 Spring Air

16:20 Restonic

17:39 Sleep Nerdz

21:26 Hemp Foam™

24:56 PureCare

25:57 South Bay Intl.

27:42 Artaban

29:24 Hat Tips (MD Mattress, Sherwood Bedding, Diamond Mattress, Brooklyn Bedding)

30:12 Corsicana


Vendors may use these respective clips from Bedhead Marketing provided that we are tagged and credited with their online usage. To download, click on the link, right click on the video and select "save as".

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