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Body Essential Elite 13.5" Extra Firm Mattress

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The Kingsdown Body Essential Elite 13.5" Extra Firm Mattress provides Kingsdown brand luxury featuring innovative added value with cooling comfort, pressure relief, and postural support. It all begins with the ice technology cooling center that provides the cover with cooling comfort. The upper quilted layer offers a pressure tech quilted gel memory foam that provides luxury for the body. Body Essentials has cooling gel infused layers that relieves pressure and pulls heat away from the body. The quad-action Visco foam of copper, silver, graphite, and heat transfer gel, provides active lumbar support and temperature regulation.

The combination of copper, silver, and graphite work as a conductor drawing heat away from the surface of the mattress, while providing a healthier sleeping environment with its natural antimicrobial properties. The Body Essentials Elite has a Kingsdown exclusive feature that is the Silent partner tri-zoned system which separates the two sides of the bed to avoid partner motion disruption. Next, a layer of 9” individually wrapped coils provides delicate contouring to cradle your body. Finally, full body surround edge support reinforces the mattress edges for additional support when getting in and out of bed and double box stitched turn handles and to add to the luxurious look.

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